Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit Spring 2014

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The primary objective of the Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit is to explore the key aspects and issues related to HR and Learning best practices and their application as business drivers for innovation and growth. The Summit's program topics have been pinpointed and validated by senior executives from the HR and Learning community as the top critical issues they face.

Key issues for 2014 include:

Leadership Training and Development - Creating a successful leadership brand

- Preparing new hires and finding the ideal onboarding process

Global Management Training
- Success stories and lessons learned when recruiting, acquiring, and developing talent on a global scale

Succession Planning
- Developing the next generation of leaders as baby boomers give way to generation X and generation Y leaders

Corporate Culture
- Preserving and developing your company culture

Accelerating Talent
- How to get talent ready for bigger jobs not only quicker but more efficient

Talent Acquisition
- Efficient ways to hire the best and brightest employees

- Increasing retention rates and rewarding top talent employees

HR Technology
- How can technology strengthen your company’s success?

HR Value and Measurement
- Obtaining essential qualitative and quantitative data to assure your ROI

Mobile Devices and Learning on the GO
- Welcome a broader spectrum of options to connect and train your mobile workforce

Social Media
- Establishing an effective strategy of employee engagement and interaction through Web 3.0

Re-strategizing eLearning Initiatives
- Addressing eLearning formalities with a more informal approach



Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations offer a motivational and entertaining perspective on fundamental issues challenging management. The achievements of our Keynotes and their pioneering endeavors directly influence your job today. Delivering thought provoking and frank accounts of their experiences, our Keynote presenters give you the drive to develop forward-thinking ideas and strategies for your organization.

Panel Discussions

In addition to the traditional session format, panel discussions have been organized to give you multiple perspectives on a topic. The panel is composed of industry practitioners ready to share their ideas and debate strategic issues. As an attendee, you are encouraged to put forward your ideas, opinions and opposing arguments, creating a truly interactive Summit.


Think Tanks

Join a select group of industry peers setting the tone, pace and goals of your chosen topic in a professionally facilitated environment. Participant numbers are strictly limited, ensuring all have the opportunity to share their problems and solutions to commonly shared professional challenges. Topics for discussion are selected from industry feedback received during the development of the Summit Program.


Speaker Videos